Month: November 2011

Tigger Birthday Cake

Before I left for my month-away-from-Madison, my roommate Meghan was in the process of making a Tigger birthday cake. Meghan babysits from Zelie (and her siblings) and the little girl is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with Tigger. Meghan planned the whole cake and made the entire thing — the only thing I did was frost/assemble the cake before I left for my trip. I am still attempting to convince Meghan to stay in the Midwest and not move back to New Jersey — cause we could totally start a little cake making biz. :)

A few notes about what Meghan used:
– Tigger’s face was handcut by Meghan and made out of fondant
– The black stripes were made using Wilton sugar sheets