Update on Life!

Apologizes for the lack of blog posts lately! My time has been chewed up by TWO new puppies! If you’ve attempted to housebreak a puppy you know what an endeavor it can be in the beginning. My baking projects have slowed a bit, but I have a TON of content lined up for December — including 6 birthday cakes and a 12 Days of Christmas stint (there will be a holiday-related post for the first twelve days of the month) — so check back!

But for now, I’ll leave you with some cuteness. My new loves, Gus and Gracie.

3 thoughts on “Update on Life!”

  • First time commenter…

    Your puppies are just super adorable. What kind of dogs are they? I’m getting a puppy very soon…my baby was born several weeks ago so I won’t get him for a while. What should I expect once I get my puppy home?

  • They are Havanese puppies! And thank you – I’m in love with them.
    Have you ever had a puppy before? They are a ton of work in the beginning — I take them both outside every hour and watch them like a hawk in an attempt to get them housebroken. They’re just like babies — sleep, poop, sleep, poop, play a little bit, sleep, poop, repeat. Ha.

  • I knew they must be Havanese puppies! We have a Havanese too, and they are unbearably cute as puppies. They’re such great dogs — totally ridiculous and hilarious, but so great.

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