Q: Where did you get that great pattern for the background of some of the images?
A: All of the backgrounds are scrapbooking paper. The papers make GREAT backgrounds for food photos and you can find them at any hobby store, or even stores like Target.

Q: Where do you get your bright food coloring?
A: I am a big fan of AmeriColor Neon Food Coloring – which you can purchase at CountryKitchen. I have also seen Neon coloring in grocery stores, but I haven’t tried it yet. I also love Wilton’s gel food colorings, which give incredibly rich colors and the gel will not influence the consistency of your frosting.

Q: How do you get your red or black frosting to be so rich… and not pink or gray?
Isn’t it a pain to try to achieve true red or black?! It seems like no matter now much red dye you add, it just looks pink. There is a solution to this problem — AmeriColor Super Red and AmeriColor Super Black! You can find these colors at your local Hobby Lobby store — or do a Google search and you’ll find countless online vendors that sell it. It is well worth the money spent, believe me!

Q: Where do you buy candy eyeballs?
I LOVE the fact that this is something we can purchase — so much easier than trying to make eyes out of frosting. I usually buy mine locally at a baking shop in Madison called Vanilla Bean. But the Internet can also come to the rescue. You can find candy eyes at the following retailers: Confectionery House, the Baker’s Kitchen, and Copper Gifts.

Q: Can I use your photos on my own blog?
Contact us and ask before you do so. We don’t claim ownership to many of these recipes, but all of the photos were taken by us. Please ask permission before using!

Q: Do you accept advertisers on your blog?
Nope! Sorry!

Q: Do you write your own recipes?
No, I don’t. I bow down to those that do, but that’s not how I run my blog. I have a file folder of recipes I’d like to try — gathered from Pinterest, my favorite blogs, magazines, etc. I try the recipe and if it’s great, I take photos and blog about it.

Q: Can you make _____ and ship it to me?
Oh I wish, but no. I’m not a bakery – I don’t run a business or have a free-standing shop. As a result, I can’t bake and ship. I can’t make your kid’s birthday cake for you. It just wouldn’t work out. I am more than happy to help you via email if you have questions or need encouragement.  

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  • I just saw your website looking for something else, and hello! It’s Friday and now I have a plan for the weekend. Good heavens, I want to bake and snack right this moment!

  • Omigosh – I just discovered your website and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! The recipes . . . the photos . . . the unique creations! I just spent the entire evening going through ALL of your recipes. Please keep up the incredibly awesome baking & blogging!!!

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