My name is Annie and this is my little baking website. I started the site in 2008 and it has grown ever since! If you have any questions, comments, complaints, ideas, etc, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. Really. Seriously. Leave comments!

Occupation: Lawyer
How’d you get into baking? I come from a long line of people who love to cook. I guess it was only a matter of time before the bug bit me, too. I like to bake because it’s very creative, nostalgic, and sugary treats make people happy.
Favorite desserts/recipes:
Cheesecake is a huge weakness of mine – as is any baked good involving peanut butter or Oreo cookies. My favorite recipes are Paula Deen’s chocolate butter cookies and my grandmother’s cut-out cookies. My least favorite treats include carrot cake (though the cream cheese frosting is delicious) and banana bread.
Kitchen must-haves: A Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. Trust me, it will change your baking life (and they come in pretty colors! Mine is turquoise). Disposable decorating/piping bags. And rainbow sprinkles.
What intimidates you? Bread. The thought of making bread from scratch makes me feel a little tight in the chest. I’ll get there someday.
Any advice for the readers of this blog? Bake with love. It’s cliched, but it’s true. Put your heart into it and enjoy it. But don’t be afraid to royally, completely, and totally screw up. It happens.
A little bit more about you: I’m terrified of the ocean. I’ve lived in Oshkosh, Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee, and now back to Oshkosh. Pineapple is my favorite fruit. Morning is my favorite time of day. And I do not like coconut, milk, or humid weather.

Past Contributors:

I met Meghan in the fall of 2009 at our Master of Public Health orientation. Little did we know that we’d become good friends and baking buddies! Meghan is originally from Cranbury, New Jersey and has moved back to her home state (despite my pleas to stay in Madison and go into a cake making biz with me!). She is a Notre Dame alum, fan of all Philadelphia sports teams (though she always kindly cheered for the Packers when living in Wisconsin!), Michael Jackson aficionado, and lover of all things Criminal Minds, Stephen Colbert, and Harry Potter. Meghan contributed many gluten-free foods and ideas to this blog, as well as being an unwavering source of cake decorating help.

VAL: Like Annie, the true founder of this bloggy goodness, I too am a twentysomething living in Chicago, though I am originally from the great state of Maryland. I’ve always been interested in baking since my mom used to decorate awesome cakes for us as kids, but have only really recently been consumed by it. I suspect it is a combination of needing a release hobby and finally having a semblance of a disposable income. In any case, I am teaming up with Annie to bring you the posts you find here. In many ways, baking is a science and, like science, you never know for sure how your experiments will turn out. However, unlike most science experiments, if you put enough sugar in it, someone is bound to like it! THAT my friends is what makes baking great!

We have tried our best to give credit (and a link to any corresponding websites) to the original authors/bakers/creative geniuses from which we borrow ideas and inspiration. If we have missed anything or if we are stepping on any toes, please let us know. We don’t make any money off of this site, we are not affiliated with any companies, and we just want to share what we bake and create. The only thing we claim to own are our photos – they were all taken and edited by one of us. If you’d like to use one in some capacity, please let us know.

  • dbkayak - February 5, 2009 - 4:14 pm

    this is adorable and actually hard to take. i hate that i cant eat each and everyone one of these photographs. i will indulge when you bake for me when i visit you… because all of that will happen in the future. this will be tasty and fun.ReplyCancel

  • aephotographie - February 5, 2009 - 4:15 pm

    thanks, bef! i can’t wait for you to come and visit me! i will bake anything your heart desires….so…. hurry up and travel north! ;-)ReplyCancel

  • Janice W. - February 6, 2009 - 7:17 am

    I heart your blog, especially your photos. You have an excellent eye for color and how to bring out your subjects in a photograph. I recently rekindled by love of baking (it had been hidden for eons), and I haven’t tried cupcakes, yet; only cookies, brownies, and one cake. I feel the same as you do about cooking. I don’t enjoy it like I do baking. Who doesn’t love surgery goodness?

    Thank you for sharing your artistic talents. I wish you well. :-)ReplyCancel

  • aephotographie - February 6, 2009 - 9:04 am

    Thank you, Janice! :)ReplyCancel

  • Janice W. - February 6, 2009 - 9:17 am

    Did I say “surgery” goodness? Uff da. I meant SUGARY goodness. Can you tell I work in the healthcare industry?ReplyCancel

  • Janice W. - February 6, 2009 - 9:18 am

    P.S. You’re welcome! :-)ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - February 8, 2009 - 9:34 am

    Came across your site and love it … I have a weak spot for sweets.

    I’d like to trade links with your blog if you are interested, please email me if so.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


  • Meg - February 9, 2009 - 9:36 pm

    Today, I had Jif pb on wheat ritz with Valentine’s sprinkles. Yes, everything is better with sprinkles on top!ReplyCancel

  • dbkayak - March 31, 2009 - 8:17 pm

    welcome val :)ReplyCancel

  • dbkayak - April 11, 2009 - 9:05 pm

    wheres a val pic??ReplyCancel

  • Annie - April 11, 2009 - 9:41 pm

    Bethany – Val doesn’t love the camera quite as much as I do!ReplyCancel

  • ann - September 1, 2010 - 8:34 pm

    AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL I wanna eat each and every cup cake that I saw. They are so great.ReplyCancel

  • Judie Koeppler - September 6, 2010 - 11:39 am

    Annie, it was so much fun to talk to you and find out that your hobby/love is baking. My favorite before I read about you, were the Chocolate sugar cookies. I think that I could handle this recipe.
    Good luck to you and I will continue to peruse your website.

  • Annie - September 6, 2010 - 9:43 pm

    Thanks, Judie! It was great to see you as well! And yes, make those chocolate butter cookies – they are to-die-for :)ReplyCancel

  • Izzy - February 24, 2011 - 6:22 pm

    I’m from NJ and just found this blog linked from someone’s facebook and it is SOO cute!! I absolutely love to bake, especially cute cupcakes like those cookie monster ones that keep popping up! I’m a high school student and my favorite part of baking is bringing it to school and watching people smile, you’d think they never saw a cookie in their life, it makes them so happy :) So I just wanted to let you know this site is adorable and I can’t wait to try these recipes!!
    P.S. I noticed you were a UWisconsin alum and I just got accepted there, bio major :)ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - March 21, 2011 - 6:26 pm

    I came across your incredible site while “stumbling”. I haven’t had a chance to browse every recipe yet but the one that caught my eye was the Watermelon cupcake…(I’m from Georgia,go figure :-) What if you added watermelon flavored Jello to that recipe? Oh my goodness! If you figure out how to do that, would you let me know? Thanks so much for sharing these yummy recipes.ReplyCancel

  • Annie - March 21, 2011 - 6:41 pm

    Izzy – Congrats on your UW acceptance! I was a medical microbiology & immunology major, so goooo science :) Thanks for your comment on my site.

    Cheryl – Thanks for your comment! I hadn’t thought about adding watermelon flavored Jello – it might be worth a try!ReplyCancel

  • Erika Moore - June 22, 2011 - 11:19 am

    This is amazingly adorable. I’m a newly wed and looking for a hobby to start to keep myself occupied while looking for a job. I’ve always loved baking and loved looking/reading baking blogs, but by far, this one is my hands down favorite. I’m pretty sure you have just inspired me to begin my own baking blog =)

    Sweet treats and lots of love,


  • Annie - June 22, 2011 - 8:54 pm

    Thanks for the kind words, Erika! Good luck to you — and be sure to share the address of your baking blog with me once you get it started! :) xoxoReplyCancel

  • Julia - July 1, 2011 - 12:56 pm

    What an amazing blog! I can’t wait to dive in. I love to cook and bake. But I “did” have a Kitchenaid mixer that died. Apparently they are now made with plastic inside and I’ve heard they break often. I’m going to try a different brand nowReplyCancel

  • Dawn - July 20, 2011 - 5:20 pm

    I just love, love, love your blog. I am a wife and mother of 3 who also comes from a long line of bakers and cooks. The “bug” bit me about a year ago and I haven’t looked back since. My Mom is a fantastic cake artist and she is the reason I do what I do. I can’t wait to read more of your blog, gain inspiration and experiment with some of the recipes.
    Sweetest Regards,

  • Annie - July 20, 2011 - 9:49 pm

    Thanks, Dawn!ReplyCancel

  • Pam - November 17, 2011 - 9:42 am

    Go ‘Sconie girl!! Ran across your blog via a Tumblr post of your Reindeer cupcakes. The kids are gonna go wild for these. Happy to have found you!ReplyCancel

    • Annie - November 18, 2011 - 1:14 am

      Thanks, Pam!ReplyCancel

  • Jodi - December 4, 2011 - 7:53 pm

    I stumbled upon your blog here after seeing a friend post a recipe on Facebook. The thing that caught my eye was the photography! As a photographer, I was drawn to the well lit image of a cute treat that I can’t wait to make with my children! Very nice collection of images AND recipes!ReplyCancel

    • Annie - December 4, 2011 - 8:16 pm

      Thanks for the comment & the compliment! :)ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - December 11, 2011 - 8:40 am

    I stumbled across your site just in time to help me get those reindeer cupcakes done for this afternoon’s Christmas party for the kids! I can’t wait to make them. BTW VAL – what part of Maryland? Im sitting on a dock by the Bay!ReplyCancel

  • Annie - December 11, 2011 - 3:29 pm

    Thanks for the comment, Cheryl :) Val doesn’t work on the site anymore, but I know she’s from Timonium, MD!ReplyCancel

  • Kristina Mirasol - March 4, 2012 - 9:14 pm

    I love your blog!!! <3ReplyCancel

    • Annie - March 5, 2012 - 10:21 am

      Thank you so much! :)ReplyCancel

  • Debbi - October 8, 2012 - 1:31 pm

    Love your work!ReplyCancel

    • Annie - October 8, 2012 - 1:40 pm

      Thanks, Debbi!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - November 25, 2012 - 11:55 am

    Great website Annie – I can’t wait to start making a few of your ideas for the holidays! Are you on pinterest?ReplyCancel

  • Annie - November 25, 2012 - 7:04 pm

    Sue – Thanks for the comment! Sorry, but I’m not on Pinterest!ReplyCancel

  • […] of the favourite holiday flick of the same name) than these cute Reindeer Cupcakes, shared by Annie over on her fabulous baking website, With Sprinkles on […]ReplyCancel

  • michele - December 3, 2013 - 12:47 pm

    Do you have a facebook page? I just found you through another link and love your site. I would love to friend you and share your site. Happy holidays.ReplyCancel

    • Annie - December 3, 2013 - 6:51 pm

      Hi Michele, No, I don’t have a Facebook page. Sorry!ReplyCancel

  • Julianne Derouin - December 18, 2013 - 8:49 am

    This is my new favorite website! As a mom of three girls who love to bake (we just took two Wilton cake decorating classes together–so much fun!), this is incredible! So glad we found you!

    Julie, AnneMarie, Katie, GraceReplyCancel

  • Becky - June 19, 2014 - 12:46 pm

    can you please send me the download for Elsa,Anna and Olof

    thank youReplyCancel

    • Annie - June 19, 2014 - 12:48 pm

      Becky – check your email. I already did.ReplyCancel

  • Moses - July 1, 2014 - 3:21 am

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long
    as I provide credit and sources back to your site?
    My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would genuinely benefit
    from some of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks a lot!ReplyCancel

    • Annie - July 1, 2014 - 8:03 am

      Sure :) thanks for asking!ReplyCancel

  • Rosie - November 29, 2014 - 11:21 pm

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog?ReplyCancel

  • Rodney - January 4, 2017 - 2:23 pm

    Good afternoon Annie!

    I am a hobby baker and after many photos I came across your recipe and idea for the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle cupcakes! My nephew has requested TMNT themed cupcakes for his bday and I had so many different ideas, that is until I saw your awesome cupcakes. Is is okay if I use your design?ReplyCancel

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