Month: August 2009

Beach Bear Cupcakes

Summer is winding down – but there’s still time for one last trip to the beach! I orginally saw this idea on Bakerella’s website. I thought they were just too cute not to make! Here’s how I made them and what I used:

  • Box cake mix and frosting. I took the easy way out this time!
  • Teddy Graham cookies. Grind them in a food processor to use as “sand”. And save a few Teddys to be your beach goers!
  • I used Fruit Roll-Ups for the beach towels and sour Lifesaver gummies for the life preservers.
  • That’s about it — they are pretty self-explanatory! The cupcakes were very easy to make and would be great for a kid’s summer birthday party!

Animal Cupcakes: Turtle

Last one!


Supplies needed:
– green-tinted frosting
– green M&Ms
– black licorice strings
– chocolate frosting
– green gumdrops

1. Frost a cupcake with green frosting.
2. Cover the cupcake with green M&Ms and cut the licorice strings to serve as the legs.
3. Place a green gumdrop on the cupcake for the head and pipe eyes with chocolate frosting.

Animal Cupcakes: Fish


Supplies needed:
– blue-tinted frosting
– Swedish fish gummies

1. Frost a cupcake with blue frosting.
2. Top with a variety of Swedish Fish.

Another super easy one!

Animal Cupcakes: Bee, Lady Bug, & Butterfly


Supplies needed:
– yellow-tinted frosting
– mini chocolate chips
– chocolate chips
– large yellow gumdrops
– large white gumdrops
– chocolate frosting
– black licorice strings

1. Frost a cupcake with yellow frosting.
2. Cut a yellow gumdrop in half, width-wise. Use the larger piece for the body of the bee and the smaller piece for the head. Pipe chocolate stripes onto the body.
3. Place mini chocolate chips in front of the head to serve as eyes, and a large chocolate chip behind the body to serve as a stinger. Cut small piece of black licorice rope to serve as the antennae.
4. Cut a white gumdrop in half, length-wise to use as the wings.


Supplies needed:
– red-tinted frosting
– chocolate frosting
– chocolate chips
– white frosting

1. Frost a cupcake with red frosting.
2. Pipe the eyes and “wings” on with white and chocolate frosting, respectively.
3. Place chocolate chips on the cupcake for the spots.


Supplies needed:
– green-tinted frosting
– various M&Ms
– pretzels

1. Frost a cupcake with green frosting.
2. Place the M&Ms on the cupcake to serve as the body and head.
3. Use two pretzels for the wings.

Animal Cupcakes: Circus Animals


Supplies needed:
– pink-tinted frosting
– Circus animal cookies

1. Frost a cupcake with pink frosting (you could also use white frosting — or pink & white swirled frosting!)
2. Place a few circus animal cookies on the top of each cupcake.