Bakery Review: Grebe’s

DSC_4968x900Happy Milwaukee Day! April 14th is Milwaukee Day because 4/14 = 414, which is Milwaukee’s area code. The Milwaukee Day concept is relatively new, but it’s gaining momentum and there are countless promotions, deals, and ideas floating around social media to celebrate our city. I have less than a month left in Milwaukee, a city that I have come to adore. Milwaukee isn’t perfect — it is rough around the edges, but also filled with charm, vibrancy, and amazing food. Aside from law school, I’ve loved my three years here and will be genuinely sad to leave.

I wrote myself a little list of Milwaukee places that I must try before I move away. Grebe’s Bakery was on that list. I drove there a few weeks ago to try some of their treats!

  • Those sprinkled donuts in the photo above? Amaaaaaazing. But then again, I’ve never met a donut that I haven’t liked.
  • I tried a frosted Easter sugar cookie, which was also great. The frosting was delicious — and this is coming from a girl who could do without frosting.
  • Those cake pops though? Blech! They were cracked and dried out, sadly. But this just confirms my ongoing thought that cake pops are generally pointless and are rarely good.
  • Grebe’s is located on the south side of Milwaukee. They have a nice parking lot (yay!) and an awesome retro sign.
  • Grebe’s also serves hot food, but I didn’t give any of it a try so I can’t comment. The place smelled of donuts and ham though, so there’s something for everyone at Grebe’s!


2 thoughts on “Bakery Review: Grebe’s”

  • I’m sure you’ll be happy to be out of school, but I for one will miss your Milwaukee posts- I grew up in the area, and get very nostalgic with some of your bakery visits. Grebe’s is definitely an institution!

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