Bakery Review: Holey Moley

DSC_1939x900About six months ago, The Milwaukee Cupcake Company closed its doors and Holey Moley moved in to replace it. What a glorious turn of events. Cupcakes are alright, but they can’t even touch the joy that is a DONUT! I went to a Packers game with some of my friends and before we hit the road to Green Bay, we picked up a box of Holey Moley donuts and devoured them. It wasn’t pretty — fighting, bickering, and yelling over who was going to get the s’mores donut… who was going to get the maple bacon donut… etc. OK, so we didn’t exactly fight — but we all LOVED these donuts.

  • My favorite was the maple bacon: a donut covered in maple-flavored frosting topped with bits of bacon. Oh. My. God.
  • The pink-ish donut in the photo above was blood orange flavored. *raise your hand if you just thought about that episode of Project Runway…*
  • The s’mores donut was another favorite of ours, as was the peanut butter-filled donut.
  • Other flavors we tried: espresso, coconut, chocolate glazed, pumpkin, and vanilla.
  • The staff was friendly and cheerful (even at 7 am on a Sunday!)
  • My only complaint is that their location is a little strange — in the lobby of a building in the Third Ward. Hopefully their business keeps booming and they can expand to have their own storefront.
  • Holey Moley is located at 316 N. Milwaukee Street in the Third Ward

Note: I am not being paid to review this bakery, nor am I affiliated with it. I just really like trying local bakeries and treats.


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