Bakery Review: The Crispery

DSC_3505x900Today I’m reviewing The Crispery! I had been hearing good things about the Crispery for months. I sent a gift box of these treats to a friend of mine when she had surgery — and she loved them. So I decided to send myself a gift box this time around!

  • THEY WERE SO GOOD. For real. Super, super marshmallow-y and rich.
  • I tried six different kinds: Caramel & Cream, Cocoa Concoction, Cookies & Cream, Fruity Ringlets, Mini Marshmallow, and a seasonal Hanukkah crispycake. My favorites were the Caramel & Cream and the Cocoa Concoction.
  • They will arrive at your doorstep in a box with blue tissue paper – and each crispycake will be individually wrapped. The presentation impressed me.
  • I ordered mine in the winter, but would be wary of doing so in the summertime. Would they melt? Would they become extra gooey? Who knows.
  • They sell gift boxes! A great idea that makes birthday or holiday shopping easy.
  • My one and only criticism (and it’s a tiny criticism) is that the crispycakes are SO BIG. Definitely something you can share — or pick at over the course of a few days :)

Note: I’m not being paid to promote this business. I just like to try new treats!


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