Candy Corn Cupcakes II

When I returned from my trip I told myself that I would be zen about not doing much Halloween baking this fall. Turns out, I have a hard time being zen. I feverishly made a few batches of seasonal treats the other day, so I’ll be posting today through Monday! Check back each day until Halloween for something new.

Candy Corn Cupcakes
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1 box white cake mix (plus required eggs, oil)
Yellow, orange food coloring
1 tub vanilla frosting (store-bought or you can make your own buttercream)

1. Make the cake batter according to box directions. Divide the batter into thirds, dying one batch yellow and one orange (leave the last plain).
2. Line 24 muffin cups; pour a spoonful of yellow batter into the bottom, then a spoonful of orange, then a spoonful of white.
3. Bake according to box directions.
4. Frost and decorate with candy corn!

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