Double Chocolate Oreo Bars

The following image is food porn for women. A FIELD OF CHOCOLATE!

I haven’t made anything super chocolate-y in a while! These bars are SO easy. They took a half hour to make – start to finish. A lot of people ask me, “how do you have the time to do all this baking?” The answer is that I don’t really make anything that takes very long. My labor-intensive baking adventures (like the crazy holiday cupcakes) are few and far between simply because they take so long.

So here is the super simple recipe for these delicious bars — I ate one this morning and they are awesome. But I’m a sucker for anything that involves Oreo cookies. :)

Double Chocolate Oreo Bars
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16 oz. crushed Oreos (use a food processor if you can to crush/grind them)
3/4 cup butter, melted
14 oz. condensed milk
2 cups mini semisweet chips, divided

1. Combine cookie crumbs and butter. Pat into bottom of an ungreased 9×13 pan. Combine milk and 1 cup chips in microwave-safe bowl — heat until melted, stirring until smooth.
2. Pour the milk/chips mixture over the crust. Sprinkle with the remaining chocolate chips. Bake for 10-12 min at 350F. Cool on a wire rack.

Recipe credit: Taste of Home

5 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Oreo Bars”

  • Good Lord. I felt my cheeks cramp up at the photos. Dare I say these could be too chocolately? Is there such a thing? You prolific blogger, you.

  • A few comments…

    1. My mom’s guess that your rubber stamp photo was chocolate chips melting is not so far off now that I see your first photo above!

    2. I like chocolate just fine, but I’m not crazy for it. I like it in the form of a candy bar or something like that, but when it comes to cake and/or ice cream, I almost always would choose something non-chocolate.

    3. That said, these look AWESOME to me! I too love Oreos and it just looks so oooey, goooey! I like desserts like that. Yum.

    Even though I have yet to actually try to make any of the stuff, I plan to try pretty much all of it SOMEDAY. I love this blog!

  • Rachel — that’s actually why I took that first photo! To see how close it would look to my mystery photo on Flickr!

    And thanks for the compliments!!!

  • You are evil. Have I mentioned that lately?! When Lent is over and I’m back on chocolate, I will pay you to make these for me! I’ll pay you with babytime. And you can pay me for babytime with double chocolate oreo bars. Win/win!

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