Easter Egg Hunt

Since Easter is right around the corner, I decided to make little Easter egg cupcakes. The mix and frosting are store-bought (don’t worry, I’ve got TWO from-scratch recipes coming up later this week). The grass effect was achieved using tip 233 from Wilton. Next time I am going to use a stiffer frosting though — probably homemade buttercream — so that the grass blades stand up, instead of looking kind of like grass spaghetti. The green color was produced with the AmeriColor neon food coloring and the eggs are Cadbury Mini Eggs (which are my favorite candy of ALL TIME).

2 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt”

  • Now that you have a blog, you’re obviously logging stuff, but how did you keep track of all of this before. For instance to remember to use buttercream frosting next time? Do you truly remember all of that without notes? I would never remember unless it was something I made OFTEN.

  • It sounds silly, but the more you bake, the more stuff becomes second nature — like what kind of frosting to use and when. You get to know that store-bought frosting will be much thinner than homemade buttercream; that you use Royal Icing to decorate cut-out cookies, because it stiffens as it dries; and sometimes you decide what kind of frosting to use based on what you’re using it for — making certain designs (like roses or flowers) requires a stiff frosting; where as decorating cookies requires something much more fluid and spread-able.

    Does this answer your question??

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