Happy Birthday to the Oreo Cookie!

The Oreo turns 100 today! The company was founded on March 6, 1912 in New York City. A little Oreo trivia, courtesy of Wikipedia:

    • The cookie was developed and produced by Nabisco at its Chelsea factory in New York City.
    • A lemon variety of the cookie was introduced in the 1920s but was quickly discontinued.
    • The modern Oreo design was developed by William Turnier in 1952 and includes the Nabisco logo.
    • The meaning of the word “Oreo” is unclear – with stories of the word being derived from French or Greek words. The Greek word “oreo” means beautiful, nice, or well done.
    • Oreos are sold all over the world, though the recipe has been modified in certain countries (a less sweet version is produced in China).

Oreos have always been my favorite cookie – especially the Double Stuf variety! Happy birthday, Oreo!

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