Bakery Review: Mike’s Pastry

HELLO! It has been nearly a month since I’ve posted, which is a little ridiculous. I’m STILL away from Madison and away from my kitchen, but I’m hoping to turn things around in November and bake bake bake. I’ve spent the past month in Gettysburg, Boston, Maine, and my hometown of Oshkosh, WI. I had a great time in all of those places, but culinarily speaking, Boston was a highlight.

Have any of you been to Mike’s Pastry in Boston? If not, add it to your to-visit list. I visited twice while I was in Boston. My first visit came after a long and sweaty (85 degrees in October!) day of walking the Freedom Trail. I ended up in the delicious North End and stumbled upon Mike’s Pastry. My friend Bethany had told me all about the bakery and how I HAD to try some of the treats. There were a few little problems though: I was starving, I was overheated, my feet hurt, and the line for the pastry shop was out the door and snaking around the block. My crankiness won out over my desire for a freshly baked cannoli and I went elsewhere to find lunch.

I returned to Mike’s Pastry a few days later, this time with Bethany in tow! There was no line and no stress, so we each got a box of pastries. I got a chocolate chip cannoli, two cupcakes, and two cookies. All for only $8! Awesome. This bakery is definitely worth it – everything is delicious and it’s a no-nonsense shop. No $7 cupcakes, no frilly decor, just straight-up good bakery.

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