On Wisconsin

I am a University of Wisconsin alum and graduate student, so I was thrilled to see my team go to the Rose Bowl this year. Unfortunately, we lost to TCU! I had grandiose plans of making cupcakes with buttercream roses. I thought I could figure out how to make the roses without a problem. Wrong. I clearly need to take a cake decorating class! So here are my pathetic little roses — cause I like to share my baking “failures” with my readers. :) I couldn’t even get the icing to be RED…. it looked pink!

So I gave up and decided to make cut-out cookies instead. Go Badgers (and Packers!)!

2 thoughts on “On Wisconsin”

  • Chistie,..all your goodies look so yummy. I would love to come and eat them and I did and Toni would too. Happy holidays honey love auntie cathy

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