Patriotic Punch

I live in the Midwest, so the 4th of July is usually hot, sweaty, and humid. This colorful punch is a great way to cool down! Since many 4th of July celebrations include kids, this recipe is alcohol-free.

Ever wonder why the liquids will separate out into distinct layers? It has to do with the sugar content of each beverage used. More sugar = a more dense liquid. You can make many layers, but start your drink with the most sugar-filled liquid and go from there. This is also why a can of Coca-Cola will sink if you throw it into a pool of water, but a can of Diet Coke will float. Science! It’s fun!

Patriotic Punch
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Hawaiian Punch (red)
Gatorade (light blue)
[you can also add a clear layer on the top if you use Diet 7up or Diet Sprite]

This is pretty simple. Fill a glass with ice. Pour your most dense liquid into each glass FIRST. Again, the liquid with the most sugar will be the most dense.. and it will sit on the bottom of the glass. Pour the 2nd most dense liquid into the glass next.

Pour the blue layer slowly and carefully, as this will help to keep the liquids separated. If you pour too quickly, it’ll look like a mix of purple at the point where the two liquids meet [as seen in the photo above! I poured the Gatorade too quickly into the center glass. Lesson learned!].

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