Spider Cupcakes

I am terrified of spiders. Well, I should be more specific. I am terrified of big spiders. The little bitty jumpy ones are fine. The wispy ones with really skinny legs are fine. But the big ones? Ahhhhh! My chest tightens and my heart races and I’m rendered useless. But fears need to be confronted! So I have learned to deal with my fear. I name every spider I see (and every spider is “Charlotte”, in my book). This somehow helps to personalize them and ease the fear. And now I’ve made giant spider cupcakes. Because what could be scary about a cupcake?

Spider Cupcakes
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1 box cake mix (plus required eggs and oil)
1 tub chocolate frosting
Black cupcake liners
Black sprinkles or sanding sugar
Sugar “eyes”
Spider cupcake stands (I found mine at Target – they’re sold in a pack of 4)

1. Bake the cupcakes according to box directions.
2. Cover each cupcake with chocolate frosting. Dip into the black sprinkles and coat thoroughly.
3. “Glue” on each sugar eye by using a dab of chocolate frosting.
4. Place the cupcakes in the spider stands and enjoy!

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