Tuxedo Peeps

Aww, look how handsome and distinguished they are! I will be honest: I’m not a huge fan of Peeps. To me, they taste like stale cane sugar. However, they can be improved upon if coated in delicious white and milk chocolate! These were easy to make, but just a little tedious.

Tuxedo Peeps
Recipe source: The Family Kitchen
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1 bag white chocolate chips
1 bag milk or dark chocolate chips
Variety of Peep bunnies
Large sprinkles (optional)

1. Remove the Peeps from their packaging and cut them as neatly as possible so they’re not all stuck together.
2. Melt the white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl – for 30 seconds at a time to ensure that the chocolate does not burn. You can also use a double boiler for this step if you’d like.
3. Dip each Peep into the white chocolate and coat the lower half. Set the Peeps on wax paper to cool and set.
4. Once the white chocolate has cooled and set completely, melt the milk or dark chocolate. Dip the Peeps into the chocolate diagonally, on their left and right sides. Set the Peeps on wax paper to cool and set.
5. Add the rest of the milk or dark chocolate to a piping bag or ziploc bag; snip off a very small corner of the bag. Pipe a little bow tie onto each Peep.
6. If you’d like, add a “button” by affixing a large sprinkle just beneath the piped bow tie.

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