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Jello Cookies

These are a must-bake for kids. Why? Because they are colorful and super sweet. I know, I know, kids shouldn’t have a ton of sugar — but I’m a firm believer in the “everything in moderation” mantra. I was at my parents’ house the weekend I made these. My mom hated them (too sweet!) and […]

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Red & Blue Poke Cake

A friend of mine mentioned the concept of a Poke Cake to me many, many months ago. I was bewildered. She describe it as, “OK, you bake the cake, and then poke it, and then pour Jello over it, and then stick it in the refrigerator.” Huh? I knew I had to give this one […]

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Broken Glass Jello

This recipe involves no baking, no fancy techniques, no expensive ingredients, and not much work! It is, however, a little time-consuming! I made this recipe for two reasons: 1) the fire alarm in my apartment blares if I use my oven, so I’ve had a slight aversion to baking lately and 2) I LOVE JELLO. […]

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