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Easy Cheese Coffee Cake

One of my all-time favorite foods comes from a bakery in Appleton, Wisconsin called Vande Walle’s. They make the most perfect and out-of-this-world delicious cheese coffee cake. I usually only eat it at holidays — and I eat it without abandon. My brain cannot say “stop eating! calorie overload!” when it comes to a Vande […]

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Homemade Hostess Coffee Cakes

Happy Monday, everyone! Today marks the beginning of a week-long series of posts demonstrating how you can make homemade versions of your favorite Hostess treats. Over the course of the week I’ll provide recipes for homemade coffee cakes (today’s post!), Twinkies, Devil Dogs, SnoBalls, and the classic Hostess chocolate swirl cupcake. These posts do come […]

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Rhubarb Crumb Coffee Cake

I have a confession: I do not like overly sweet foods. This may come as a surprise considering that my blog is decidcated to all things sugar and sweet. But it’s true. I can rarely finish a piece of cake and the thought of eating an entire S’more, with all that marshmallow sweetness, makes me […]

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