Angry Birds Cake

Who is addicted to Angry Birds? I’m sure many of you are! It’s a game that I just can’t get into, but maybe I’m more of a Tetris girl. I was asked to make an Angry Birds cake for Mikey’s birthday back in December. I was nervous about having to hand “draw” the bird onto the cake, but I think everything worked out well!

  • The cake is a 9×13″ 2-layer cake. I think I used a chocolate cake mix. I made a batch of white buttercream frosting and dyed portions of it sky blue, yellow, red, and black using Wilton gel colorings for the blue and yellow, and AmeriColor’s Super colorings for the red and black.
  • I used a small star tip to pipe the border of the cake.
  • I made the “Happy Birthday Mikey!” letters out of black fondant — and used small alphabet cutters for the lettering.
  • I traced the angry bird with a toothpick onto the cake. I did this freehand, so I’m sorry that I can’t provide a template. The bird isn’t that difficult, if you break it down into manageable geometric parts. I re-traced my toothpick outline with black frosting — using a small round tip.
  • I filled in the rest of the bird with red, yellow, or white frosting accordingly.

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