Back-to-School Cupcakes

Summer’s officially gone, Labor Day has passed, and just about every kid in the world is back in school! I used to LOVE the back-to-school season. My mom would take me to every store in town so I could search for the *perfect* notebooks, the best pair of scissors, and the coolest pens and pencils. This was back when school was fun and carefree. Then high school, college, and graduate school rolled around. The excitement was replaced with a looming sense of dread about all of the work that was ahead! If you’re in the looming-sense-of-dread camp, be sure to make these cupcakes. Eat a few. Cupcakes cure all. :)

Back-to-School Cupcakes
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1 box cake mix (plus required eggs and oil)
1 batch frosting (you can make your own or use store-bought)
Chocolate-covered graham crackers (I used Keebler)
Red candies for the apples (Skittles, M&Ms, red runts will all work)
White Good ‘n’ Plenties for the chalk
Yellow and green food coloring

1. Make 24 cupcakes according to box mix directions — allow to cool completely before decorating.
2. Tint a portion of the frosting yellow and frost the cupcakes.
3. Pipe white frosting onto each chocolate-covered graham cracker and write school-inspired sayings. Place the completed crackers on top of each cupcake.
4. Place a red candy and a white candy on each cupcake.
5. Pipe a small dot of green frosting on top of the red candy to make it resemble an apple.

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