Bakery Review: Grace & Shelly’s

DSC_2240x900I’m reviewing Grace and Shelly’s cupcake shop – located in Whitefish Bay, WI!

  • Grace and Shelly’s shops are primarily located in Florida. The Milwaukee area must be pretty special in order to get one! ;)
  • I really like this bakery. I’ve visited a few times (so I could sample many varieties) and I’ve been happy every time.
  • My favorite cupcake here is the Butterfinger Cupcake (shown above) – OH MY GOD. It was to-die-for. My other favorite? The maple bacon because, well, duh. Maple and bacon. On a cupcake.
  • One of the great things about this shop is the variety of cupcakes. They print a menu – so you know what cupcakes will be made each day of the week.
  • The shop also serves Chocolate Shoppe ice cream — a local company out of Madison that makes amazing ice cream.
  • I also tried one of their variety packs of mini cupcakes — a wise decision if you can’t make up your mind. It was nice to be able to try teeny tiny versions of so many of their flavors.
  • The inside of the shop is very inviting – decorated in pale blues and whites.
  • So yes, if you find yourself in Milwaukee or Florida, please visit Grace & Shelly’s!

Note: I’m not being paid to promote this bakery. I just like to try new places and I’ll take any excuse I can get to eat a few cupcakes.


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