Bumble Bee Cake & Cupcakes

I was asked to donate a cake/cupcakes to a charity event last year in Chicago. I somehow forgot to blog about these goodies until now. Whoops. The event was a Spelling Bee fundraiser and everything was bumble bee themed! I made a bee cake and a million bee mini cupcakes. Apologies for the less-than-stellar photos – I took them very last minute, when everything was all packaged up and ready to roll!

Mini Cupcakes:

  • I used yellow and chocolate box mixes to make the cupcakes.
  • I made a batch of chocolate buttercream and yellow-tinted white buttercream. Recipes for both can be found here.
  • I ordered the little sugar bees from Amazon.com, the rest of the cupcakes were decorated with sprinkles.

Bee Cake:

  • I used Wilton’s lady bug cake pan for this — and converted it, by decorating, into a bee!
  • One box of cake mix will be enough to fill the pan.
  • I decorated the bee with a small star tip, using the same icings that I listed above. You can attempt to make black icing, but it takes A LOT of black food dye to avoid a gray-ish hue.
  • The stinger was made out of brown fondant.
  • I was going to include wings on the bee, but they would have made the cake too tall to fit into the box. So the lil’ dude was wingless!

1 thought on “Bumble Bee Cake & Cupcakes”

  • made the oreowls for my grandsons birthday they made a big hit with everyone..I took half of cakes and put eyelashes on so the girls had a choice of cakes’. got another b day coming up this mo. going to find another receipe for this one .one thing is I’m thinking of injecting a pudding into the cup cake. do you have a receipe for one like maybe cookie monster or the ants at a picnic.

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