Love or hate ’em they are a sure sign Spring is on its way. At work, we spend a lot of time away from windows and sometimes it just feels like the seasons change right under your nose. I whipped these up last night as a reminder of better weather ahead- boxed mix and canned frosting. I did dress them up a bit by filling them with raspberry jam and putting in a splash of princess cake bakery emulsion (you know it- that indescribable but ubiquitous flavor of grocery store bakery sugar cookies). It is amazing how something as small as piped on frosting is enough to make things more special. Sure, these may err on the side of cheesey, but these little guys sure seemed to put everyone in a little better mood, whether or not they eat the peep in the end.

3 thoughts on “PEEPS!”

    • Hello Jen,
      I used LorAnn’s Princess Cake and Cookie bakery emulsion, though several flavors are available. They describe the taste as “light and nutty” with citrus and vanilla undertones. I use them 1:1 where I would normally use vanilla extract. The beauty of these emulsions is they don’t weaken with baking like extracts sometimes do. It sort of looks like thick vanilla extract with butter melted into it. You can buy them directly from the company or from several online cake supply vendors, like Country Kitchen Sweetart , one of my favorites!

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