Sesame Street Cupcakes

Oh, Sesame Street, I love you. I’ve loved you since I was 2 years old and had a fascination with Big Bird (or Bigga Bird, as I called him). These cupcakes went along with the Elmo cake that I posted yesterday. They look daunting, but aren’t too bad to make! The design for these cupcakes was heavily inspired by Annie’s Eats — with a few modifications from me to make things a little more simple.

  • I baked a batch of 24 funfetti cupcakes. I split them up into groups of 6 — six got red liners, six got green, six got blue, and six got yellow.
  • Elmo: I used a small star tip to pipe a bed of frosting onto each Elmo cupcake (use AmeriColor’s Super Red!). I placed two candy eyeballs and one orange M&M on each cupcake for the eyes and nose. I cut small circles out of black fondant, then cut each circle in half to resemble a smile.
  • Big Bird: I used a leaf tip to pipe yellow frosting onto each Big Bird cupcake. Don’t worry about it not being perfect — he’s feathered! He’s supposed to look a little disheveled. I placed two candy eyes on each cupcake and outlined them with light blue and light pink frosting (use a very small round tip). I cut two small and long triangles out of yellow fondant for the beak — and spread a small mount of red frosting on the bottom of each beak.
  • Oscar the Grouch: I used a grass tip to pipe green frosting onto each Oscar cupcake. I placed two candy eyeballs on each, then piped a bit of chocolate frosting above the eyes (he has bushy, angry eyebrows after all!). I used the same method for Oscar’s mouth as I did for Elmo’s — except I made Oscar frown! If you want, you can also pipe a bit of pink frosting to resemble Oscar’s tongue.
  • Cookie Monster:  I used a small star tip to pipe blue frosting onto each Cookie Monster cupcake. I placed two candy eyeballs on each. For his cookie-filled mouth, cut small Chips Ahoy cookies in half.

5 thoughts on “Sesame Street Cupcakes”

  • You have such talent Annie………….I love all your ideas…
    BUT this Elmo & Friends I think it is one of your best!!

    I have all my friends with small children and Grandma’s on your site………..Thanks!


  • Hello there! I just came across your website while looking for ideas for my son’s second birthday…BINGO! These are perfect and great directions! Can you give me specific colors you used for each character ( i got elmo, super red) are they all Americolors? Thanks for your great idea and any help you can give!

    • Hi Brina, if I remember correctly, I used Wilton gel colorings in Lemon Yellow, Royal Blue, and Leaf Green. Hope that helps!

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