Union Jack Cake

As promised yesterday, here is the Union Jack cake! This cake was much easier to make than it maybe looks — but it was VERY time-consuming (each of those little blobs of frosting was piped on — it took a while!).

  • This cake was 11″x15″ in size. I made chocolate cake from a box mix and the cake had 2 layers.
  • I frosted the entire cake with a thin layer of white buttercream frosting. Don’t worry about it being perfect — just cover up all the chocolate cake! You’ll be piping other colors on top of the “messy” frosting layer.
  • You’ll need a few batches of frosting for this cake – from start to finish. Dye portions of the frosting red and blue. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing AmeriColor’s Super Red gel coloring. You will get RED with this product, not reddish-pink like so many other red dyes. I used Wilton gel coloring for the royal blue.
  • I used a small star tip to pipe the flag design. I piped everything using just my eye, except I did make a bit of an effort to make sure that the main red stripes (vertical and┬áhorizontal) were as centered as possible. Other than that, I printed a Union Jack image and followed along as I piped. Because it’s made up of straight lines, it was easier than it looks.

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