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Gluten-Free Oreo Cake

Here’s another yummy cake that Meghan baked a few weeks ago! Gluten-Free Oreo Cake 1 box gluten-free cake mix (plus necessary oil, butter, etc as called for) 1 box gluten-free Oreo cookies (Kinni-Toos or Newman-Os) For icing:  1 stick unsalted butter, softened 1 stick salted butter, softened 1 stick shortening (Crisco) 1 TB clear vanilla […]

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Candy Corn Cookie

Hope you’re all having a nice October! I’m in Gettysburg right now (up to my ears in Civil War knowledge!), but I wanted to stop and post a little something. Meghan and I made this giant candy corn cookie last week. I bought the pan at Target (super cheap! $6.99!). We filled the pan with […]

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Irish Potato Candies

During our 13+ hour time working on the superhero cake and cupcakes, Meghan mentioned that she bought all of the ingredients for Irish Potatoes. My immediate thought was, “what? Potatoes are potatoes.” Little did I know that she was referring to these delicious cinnamon-and-cream cheese candies. My only complaint about them is that they include […]

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