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Cherry-Almond Vanilla Cupcakes

All I can think of when I see these cupcakes is the moment, during the process of making them, when I dropped an entire jar of maraschino cherries on the floor of my kitchen. Cherries… lost. Kitchen floor… forever sticky. I mean, really, do you know how are it is to un-stick maraschino cherry juice?! […]

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7 Layer Cookies

This recipe has been on my to-bake list for, no joke, TWO YEARS. It was one of those recipes that I longed to make.. I knew I would love the results.. but I was intimidated. These cookies (sidenote: why does everyone call them cookies? they’re more of a bar!) take 11 hours to make. These […]

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Rainbow & Cloud Cookies

I will admit: sometimes I just want to bake cute things. I got this cloud and rainbow cookie cutter for Christmas and couldn’t wait to use it! Usually I find cutout cookies to be incredibly tedious — a task that should be reserved only for special times of the year, like Christmas. But I’m willing […]

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